Guest Reviews

Evie had a wonderful stay with Caroline and her beautiful greyhounds. We had regular updates which meant we could relax without worrying about her. She was happy and contented which was so important to us. Caroline you are a treasure. Many thanks

Joan Fletcher-Brown

Coco pic_edited.jpg

Since adopting Coco in 2019 we hadn’t been away for even one night, the thought of leaving her made me feel anxious as she’s a sensitive girl.

After some searching online I was excited to find Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel. Coco feels happiest in the company of greyhounds. After a successful meeting with Caroline and the resident dogs, Coco was booked in for a short stay. Caroline is lovely, Coco adored her and we were able to relax knowing she was safe and extremely well cared for. Updates from Caroline while we were away were very much appreciated. Everything Caroline does for the dogs is from the heart, they are not just paying guests but treated like family while they are there.

We have already booked again for later this year and next year too. From now on, we book Coco’s holiday first.


Fiona & Graham Pynn

We recently gave our 6 year old retired racer a weekend minibreak at Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel in Surrey. What a fantastic all round experience. We found the details on the internet and after a brief conversation booked a meet and greet to ensure the dogs were all fine together. This went incredibly well and so we booked a 2 night stay to let the big guy stretch his legs on the awesome grounds with the rest of the pack. The owners are located in beautiful quiet countryside, secluded and extremely safe. They themselves are wonderfully nice and the 4 greyhounds they own are fantastic. Our boy was made very welcome by all, both 2 and 4 legged hosts; we received updates on various social media to show how he was getting along and alleviate any worries or anxiety and he came back a very relaxed, happy boy. Thank you to Caroline and we look forward to seeing you again very soon


Andy Canon


My retired racer Bertie just stayed at the Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel for a week and had a wonderful time. It was so reassuring to know that he was happy and brilliantly looked after, with lots of pals to play with.  Caroline treats each visiting dog like a member of the family: from the snuggly beds in the lounge to the home cooked biscuits. It is 5* treatment all round.  I can’t recommend the Hotel and Caroline highly enough. A very special place and a very special lady

Suzy Bullock

Ozzy was so spoilt he didn't want to come home. I can recommend this place so much! 1000 out of 10. I know where Ozzy will be staying from now on.  He is still sulking! The funniest part was when he realised he was going home and turned around to go back in! Best holiday he has ever had!

Terry McMahon


Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel was a home away from home for Frankie, our 8 year old greyhound. Caroline and the family gave us absolute confidence that she’d be looked after as well as when we was with us. Frankie had a great time and was comfy and happy…maybe even happier there than at home! We got regular updates from Caroline and she was not fazed with our special requirements for Frankie. Will definitely be booking again! Thanks! 5*

Andy Kauffman & Ian Goode

When we first arrived at Parklands Farm for our meet and greet with our boy Julius, he jumped out of the back the car with his tail wagging and went straight up to the resident gang who sort of went "come on, we'll show you round" and off they all trotted with their tails wagging! It was such a lovely thing to see and was a while later before they all came back and threw themselves down for a rest. This is a sign of a good happy place, we said to ourselves. After his first stay, he didn't really want to come home with us and was very subdued for a day or two which strangely made us happy. It meant that he loved being there. It was such a relief to find somewhere and someone who really knows and understands greyhounds the way Caroline does. We thoroughly recommend Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel, but please don't all rush and book because spaces are limited and we want to be able to book it ourselves!!


Pat & Dave Quinnell


What a wonderful place for your long nose to holiday! Caroline completely understands these special dogs and offers the perfect amount of kindness, care and cuddles, without a kennel or cage in sight We came back to a happy, waggy doggy, who clearly had the time of her life. Would thoroughly recommend 🐶

Jo Winser

Our Esther recently had her first sleepover at Parklands with Caroline. She can be a bit of a nervous wuss in new surroundings, but having done a meet and greet she couldn’t have got out the car quicker. She disappeared around the garden, exploring with the gang, and we weren’t given a second thought - she was off to make herself at home, and going by the daily Facebook updates she did just that. Caroline’s love and knowledge of greyhounds is apparent from the moment you meet her. Her own pack are a delight and so welcoming. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Parklands to any greyhound owner - Esther will certainly never stay anywhere else but here. Thank you so much Caroline!                                                

Jenny Burrows

Seth 2_edited.jpg

Seth was recently a VIG at Parklands Farm for a long weekend and very much enjoyed his stay running around Caroline and Geoff’s lovely garden with Baghira, Ella, Ernie and Toby. We have only had Seth for 7 months and were anxious to leave him as he has always travelled with us and we have not been separated. The real difference at Parklands Farm however is not the beautiful grounds and canine company but the personal care and assured kindness of Caroline and Geoff. We were able to enjoy a much needed break because we were confident that Parklands Farm was the best choice and that we could trust Caroline’s Greyhound expertise and affection completely. We recommend to any greyhound parent looking to provide a safe and enriching experience for their pet while they are away. Thanks for everything

Brendon Barratt & Zara Bobby

Our Saffy had such a wonderful week!  From our initial visit to meet Caroline we knew that Saffy would have an amazing time but it was still very hard to leave her; she'd never been away from us since we adopted her nearly a year ago.  Caroline really listened and took on board Saffy's likes/dislikes, routine etc.  The frequent updates on social media and speedy responses to our many neurotic messages reassured us that she was absolutely fine and actually benefitting from her stay.  Caroline's love and patience reassured us and we were able to relax.  In the end we worried whether she'd want to come home with us!  We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel - it really is quite an exeptional place.

Julia Montgomerie


What a superb holiday for our greyhound Amy, it was her first stay away from home, and us, in 2 years so we were a bit anxious at first. We needn’t have worried, Caroline’s photos and videos regularly posted on her Facebook page showed Amy without a care and mixing happily with the other greyhounds. She will definitely be back there for future holiday breaks.

Rod Hill

Caroline and the Parklands Farm crew looked after Tessa with such love and care. She clearly enjoyed herself and the regular Facebook posts were much appreciated . She’s missing her grey friends already but luckily remembered her feline friends who were eagerly awaiting her return. Tessa had a ball and she will definitely be seeing you again in the future for another Parklands Farm adventure. Many thanks!

Kristin Moore Howell


Thank you for making their stay with you so happy, they were both watching you as we drove away and I think would have been happy to stay! I’m sure Cloud will miss all the company as he is now home with me!

Thank you for his “party bag”.

Brenda Ralph

Cloud and Maggie have spent a wonderful weekend here with the ‘pack’! Caroline and Geoff have taken such good care of them they almost didn’t want to come home. The house and grounds are completely dog friendly and the dogs can safely wander where they like. Likewise, indoors there are beds galore and places to snuggle. Very comfortable!! We will certainly be recommending Parklands Farm to all our greyhound owning friends. Many thanks, Amanda, Trevor, Maggie and Cloud


Roxy is back home after her 5* stay with Caroline & Geoff.  Roxy sulked when she came home as she is missing the company of the other greyhounds, the freedom of the one acre garden and lots of fussing. The Greyhound Hotel is a place where your precious greyhound will have a great holiday in a secure setting. I would highly recommend.

                                           Jan Newell

I'm writing another review today--a year later--to thank Caroline, once again, for keeping 99 for us during Christmas break. Not only did she graciously keep 99 an extra week with no warning (our original flight back was cancelled) but she calmed all of our fears about 99's care should we be further delayed thanks to covid. Luckily, we we were able to fly back yesterday and within two hours of landing, were reunited with a very happy, healthy 99. We all know how hard it is to leave our beloved friends behind, but Caroline's care is second to none. I can't recommend Parklands Farm enough! ❤


Bonnie Garmus


We went for a meet and greet with Caroline at the Greyhound Hotel with our greyhound Ava. The house and gardens are fabulous and secure. Plenty of space for the hounds to run around. All the resident dogs are sweet and lovely - Ava adored them. There’s a lovely cosy den for the dogs to sleep in which was really cool even though it was really warm out! Caroline’s love for greyhounds and knowledge about their needs is evident and our girl Ava can’t wait to come stay. Caroline has been so helpful during the booking process and especially accommodating given we had to change our booking at late notice

                                               Hannah Cooke

Beauty has just come home from her first holiday at Parklands Farm.
She loved it so much that she didn’t want to leave.  Caroline treated our girlie as one of her own and she loved the home from home.
Beauty is very laid back and quiet but loved her adopted brothers and sisters so much she had to be carried to the gate to come home.
Really pleased with the whole experience and would highly recommend.

                                               Barbara Phelan


Caroline is extremely caring, knowledgeable and passionate about greyhounds; you can tell straight away. We knew the minute we got to Parklands for the assessment day that Paddy would be in safe hands and he would have the best time. It really is a hotel for dogs; the garden is absolutely huge, the location is remote and it’s just so peaceful. Paddy had not been left with anyone else for the past 8 months (even for a night) and leaving Paddy at Parklands, it meant my husband and I were able to go away without the worry of how he will be looked after or whether he will be happy. Paddy thoroughly enjoyed his 5 day holiday and made many friends with the other greys; taking a real liking to Ernie. It was a no brainer to choose Parklands and the hardest part was getting Paddy back in the car to go home! We also watched him enjoy himself with daily pictures and videos. Also receiving some homemade doggy treats to take home. We will always use Parklands for Paddy as we know he is getting the best care. Thank you very much!


                                           Abby & John Peters

Roxy has just come home after her first holiday at Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel.  Roxy had an amazing time playing and socialising with the resident greyhounds and the other guests.

Caroline & Geoff are experienced as well as greyhound lovers and looked after Roxy so well.  I know that I can go on holiday and leave Roxy without a second thought.

I would highly recommend.

                                                     Jan Newell


It has become a concern in recent years arranging appropriate greyhound holiday care for our ageing gracefully Jolie who is now the grand old age of 10.   My initial concerns were completely alleviated by Carolines expertise in sight hounds and the amazing hotel facilities - secure grounds and soo many cozy sleeping locations!   Jolie absolutely loved her stay - we picked up a very sprightly 10 year old!
I would thoroughly recommend Parklands to all greyhound owners.

                                                         Rachel Gibson

I find it really hard to leave our greyhound behind when we go away, but Caroline was immediately reassuring and we knew from the moment we arrived for the meet and greet that Del would be in very safe hands and have a great time at the Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel.

It's a gorgeous setting, and it was lovely to know that Del would have the space to run around and play or just snooze in the sun. Everything is set up with the quirks of a greyhound in mind, and we felt really comfortable leaving him there.

We loved seeing the photos of Del having a great time with the resident greyhounds and other guests, and Caroline was great with communication so we knew he was getting on well.

Caroline's experience and knowledge of greyhounds is clear, and it was a joy just to have a chat when we picked him up.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the hotel to any other greyhound owners, and I'm pretty sure Del can't wait for his next visit!


Rosie Baldwin


Freja stayed for a week in August - Caroline looked after her brilliantly ! Her house and gardens are a perfect setting - Freja loved running round the field and playing with the other dogs. Caroline is fastidious about making sure everything is right for your greyhound - I would highly recommend it - would even like to stay there myself to be honest ! 

Susan Stremes

If you want your greyhound to have a holiday while you're on yours, send them here. They have a massive field with ancient trees to snooze under and a race course mown out of wild flowers to zoom in. They have long walks and home baked treats. Caroline is very experienced and my dog had such a great time. It really is a home away from home. Actually… she didn’t want to come home! Needless to say, my greyhound is booked to go back very soon, she’ll be very pleased to find out!

Vicky Streater


From the first meet and greet with Caroline we knew Lottie was going to be in very good hands. Caroline’s experience and love for greyhounds is immediately apparent.
Our family was able to enjoy a long weekend completely relaxed, fully reassured by messages and photos from Caroline: Lottie at treat time, Lottie zonked on the sofa, Lottie and her ‘boyfriends’... she had a penchant for Geoff especially, we are told... (that’s Caroline’s husband, not another greyhound!)

Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel is any dog’s (and owner’s) dream: secure, extensive grounds; an enchanting, dog friendly farmhouse; and the warmth, fun, knowledge and hospitality of Caroline, Geoff and family, all included.
Lottie thoroughly enjoyed herself and I’m sure she can’t wait for us to ‘jolly off’ again!

A 5* hotel, I thoroughly recommend. (I just wish their place wasn’t only just for the hounds!)
Thanks so much, Caroline.

Ann and Pat O'Halloran

This was the first time we went away on holiday since bringing our greyhound Eric home in December. I found Caroline online and she was very quick at responding and invited me over so she could meet with Eric and make sure he would get along with her hounds as well. She was extremely accommodating and I felt like I would be leaving Eric in good hands.

Caroline was great in the lead up to our holiday, and we were in constant contact. I gave a full list of Eric’s habits and likes/dislikes, which she all took on board. We left him for just over a week, and although we missed him a lot I knew we could trust Caroline (and her family) to look after him and treat him as one of their own. We got constant updates and tidbits of his days, and picked up a very happy boy.

I highly recommend Caroline’s greyhound hotel if you want to leave your hound with someone who knows about greyhounds, understands their quirks and gives them a lovely place to have their own holiday where they are loved and safe.

Chandra Taposeea


Parklands Greyhound Hotel is, hands-down, greyhound heaven. With acres of room to run, long walks with Caroline, unlimited homemade treats, piles of squeaky toys, a warm fire, the making of new greyhound friends as well joyful reunions with old ones, constant doting and cuddling--plus a coop full of chickens to stare at--it's literally perfect. Which might be an issue when it's time to leave. Bring all bribes and enticements you have; you'll need them. Thanks, Caroline, for making our time away from 99 worry-free. She's already planning her next visit, and so are we!

Bonnie Garmus and David Erb

Our greyhound, Ninja, has just returned from a stay with Caroline, Geoff, and their greyhounds - Brian and Belle. He has had a wonderful stay! We were worried he would not want to know us anymore! We had been nervous about boarding Ninja anywhere and Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel has turned out to be the perfect solution! Ninja has enjoyed walks, treats and the warmth of staying in a family home complete with a fireplace! He has had a fab time and we have been delighted with the regular pictures and updates on his daily activities. We are so pleased that we have already made a booking for next year as we felt able to enjoy our holiday knowing that Ninja was in safe hands and having fun. Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel is exactly the place we hoped it would be and more! Thank you Caroline.

                                                          Nick Boon

Bella & Vinny_edited.jpg

This is such a fabulous place for hounds! My 2 immediately jumped out the car and started running round the huge secure grounds and were very happy from the start. Caroline treats them as her own, they get the run of the place, they get sofas, walks, treats, toys, cuddles- what more could you ask for! I would highly recommend and I will definitely be booking them in for another stay

Amanda Moules

Strong recommendation from Tucker and me for Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel. Tucker stayed for a week. I was very happy with the professional approach Caroline adopts and Tucker was very happy with the garden, the sofas, the cuddles and the attention. And he made some lovely new friends. It really makes a difference that Caroline understand the breed so well and that there are a limited number of guests at any one time. A real home from home.

Susannah Wood


Thank you so much for looking after Jack. He had a lovely time running around and playing with his new friends. It was lovely receiving the pup-dates and to be able too see him looking happy and comfy. we will be back soon x

Anne Grace


I cannot recommend Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel enough after Millie's second stay here for a two week duration.  During Millie's stay she has met a variety of other Greyhounds and loved the chance to run freely and play with them in a beautiful and safe environment.  It has been a reassuring pleasure for my wife and I to read updates and watch videos while away knowing that Millie was having the time of her life.  Caroline and her family do everything to make visitors lives enjoyable, and no doubt Millie will be back again.

Trevor Lewis

We can’t thank you enough for looking after Barney like one of your own! 
We were so worried about leaving him after rescuing him in October.....we didn’t want him to feel he had been abandoned again but he looked so happy and relaxed in the photos!  We will be telling every greyhound owner we meet about you as you truly are 5 run this hotel with your heart and it shows!!!  In fact we think Barney would like to move in with you all! 
His holiday is booked for next year ....he can’t wait to come again and we are so happy we don't have to worry about leaving him!!!


John & Ann Bowness

Katie & Ted.jpg

Parklands Farm is the perfect Greyhound hotel! Caroline and her family give their guests the best care and affection. 
Ted & Katie had a wonderful holiday and really didn’t want to come home - they’re already looking forward to their next visit

Donna Gorin

Michael had a great holiday, he says he wishes he had the same space to run around in and greyhound friends at home!

                                                             Rachel Byford


Harley has just spent a fabulous 11 days with the lovely Caroline and Belle & Brian ( and of course Geoff ! ). We have had Harley nearly 3 years and have never left him before other than with his human siblings :-) . I felt so comfortable leaving him at Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel. He had a trial morning with Caroline, rushed out to see me and then rushed back in to play with Brian & Belle and was obviously very happy and comfortable being with Caroline !
Thank you so much for looking after our ‘baby’. I would definitely recommend Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel.

                                                          Linda Gregory

Having just picked up Millie after a weeks stay here, I can only thank Caroline for taking care of her and reassuring my wife and I that she was in the safest of hands; the various online pictures or videos kept us in touch with her day's adventures.
Millie enjoyed the freedom Parklands Farm gave within a totally secure area and she is already booked in for another stay in a few weeks time.

                                                      Trevor M F Lewis


We all feel guilty leaving our beloved greyhounds when an occasion means they cannot come along with us.  And they make us feel so loved when on our return they greet us with such enthusiasm and relief that we have returned to bring them home.  Well, don't expect any of that when you leave them with Caroline at Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel.  I arrived on pick-up day with anticipation of the unconditional love I was about to receive from my two girls only to be given a nonchalant look of "oh she's back" and then they carried on having a ball with their greyhound friends and I was completely ignored!  I cannot think of a better recommendation than seeing my two so relaxed, happy, at ease and basically having the time of their lives.  I am pleased to say they did jump in the car on their own accord when it was time to leave..............eventually ............. with a treat or two to lure them in ....................  My ego took a little bashing, but both Elsie and Kimmy cannot wait for me to go away again so they can have their own holiday back with their new best friends.  Rest assured, whatever the occasion is that is taking you away, your greyhounds will be having much a better time than you at Parklands Farm!  

Melanie Hyde


Just picked up my dog from this ‘hotel’. She was totally spoilt and even came home with a goodie bag. Delicious home made biscuits (which I really enjoyed!). What a happy doggie and owner ! I immediately booked her again for another ‘holiday’ in Aug. Thank you Caroline AND family.

Julia Seaward-Brown

MiIlion thanks for having Holly to stay with you.  It was lovely for us to know she was in such safe hands.  She loved the homemade dog biscuits! Your hotel really is ‘The Ritz for Dogs’, it truly is, but as well as being luxurious, it’s also a real ‘home from home’ too, with expert personalised loving care.  What more could we ask, so lucky to have found you!

Elizabeth Bryant

Red 2_LBP5920.jpg

As I live quite near to Parklands I thought it might be somewhere to leave my dog Rosie when I go away.  She and I went on a visit to check it out and we were both really pleased with what we saw.  A lovely dog friendly family in a dog friendly house enclosed in a safe garden and surrounded by fields and woods.

The day after my visit Rosie went missing from my garden.  A few hours later I got a call from Caroline to explain that Rosie had turned up at her gate !  She had escaped from my garden and run back to Parklands!!!   I guess Caroline’s hospitality is better than mine !

Beth Bennett

Stella, my 4 year old went to stay at Parklands Farm overnight.  She had the run of the house, a choice of beds, more toys than she has ever seen and the loving care of Caroline and her family.  She is used to the run of our garden as well as daily walks and she certainly had that at Parklands in the lovely fields and woods that surround the property.   I will certainly leave her there again when I go away as I know she would be happy, content and well looked after.

Julia Brown

Norfolk April 2007 087.jpg
Larry June 2008 023.jpg

"Our dog Tigger has stayed with Caroline and her Greyhound friends many times, always delighted to arrive and never wants to come home as he has had such a lovely time! He and Belle have a particular bond which is so lovely to see as he is very particular. We could never put Tig in kennels and the feedom he has here is like home from home. Can't recommend Caroline highly enough."

Alison Keene

My dog Funzy has stayed with Caroline several times and always thoroughly enjoyed himself!  We were neighbours at the time and I would often have to go to Caroline's to retrieve Funzy from outside her gate as he was determined to go back to her!  I can highly recommend Caroline to anyone wishing to board their dog - they will be treated like royalty and even come home with a goody bag full of home made biscuits! 

Maria Campbell

Shrek 2_LBP5664.jpg