Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured?

We are 5 star fully licensed with Mole Valley District Council for home boarding and insured by a specialist pet care insurance company to ensure we meet the full health and safety requirements. All documents are available to view at our premises.

What do I need to provide for my dogs stay?

When your dog stays with us there may be other VIG’s staying with us at the same time and there will be a familiarisation for our guests! Every dog staying at Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel will be given their own collar tag for the duration of their stay.

It is essential that your dog is well socialised, house trained and good with other dogs. On making a reservation with us we will email you our full policies and procedures for your dogs’ holiday with us. We ask that you provide all food needed for your dog’s stay (we always keep them on the same food), along with their lead and any treats.  We would prefer it if you did NOT bring your dog's bed.  This is for hygiene reasons as well as to avoid possession as we do find that most dogs always prefer someone else's!


The same applies to favourite toys and teddies.  If you dog sleeps in a crate at night then their own blankets and toys can be put in at night for their use only.  We provide everything they need for their stay. We ask that we have all up to date details of your vets and any contact numbers should they be needed in an emergency.

What paperwork will I need to bring?

We also ask that all our guests are up to date with their vaccinations (including kennel cough) and flea and worming treatment. We will ask to see their vaccination card on arrival. It is also important that our guests’ vaccinations have been completed at least two weeks before the first date of boarding or in accordance with the vets instructions.


We are unable to accept titre tests proof of vaccincation.


We will also take a note of your dogs’ microchip number.  

How long can my dog stay for?

Our guests are welcome to stay for as long as they like although we have a minimum stay of three days.

How many dogs will be at Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel at any one time?

We want our VIG’s to feel relaxed and at home and get the attention they deserve and therefore we only take up to 4 guests at any one time.

What times can I drop off and pick up my dog?

Check in and check out is between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.  We try to be as flexible as possible with all our VIG’s so if there is a certain schedule you are tied to we will try our best to accommodate it.

What would happen if there was a medical emergency with my dog whilst they are at our hotel?

It is important that our guests are looked after to the best of our ability therefore we have our Dog First Aid Certificate as well as the following:

Firstly, we would make contact with you and or your emergency contact and then of course seek veterinary advice immediately. This would either be through your own vet as advised, or, our emergency 24-hour vet depending on the severity. We would advise that your dog has pet insurance to help with any costs that this may incur.

If my dog is on medication can we still make a reservation?

We are happy to administer medication as long as we have exact instructions on the label. If your dog needs extra medical care e.g. injections or special meal preparations, this may incur an additional charge.

What if my dog does not settle during their stay?

We normally find our guests settle in quickly once they’ve had a good walk and become acquainted with the new smells. Of course if we feel they are very anxious we will call you straight away (or the emergency contact). We can also provide updates during their stay.   In the event  your dog exhibits aggressive, uncontrollable or negative behaviour towards either us or other dogs we will place your dog at a local kennels known to us.  This also applies to persistent, prolonged or regular barking.  We will, of course, discuss any issues with you and notify you of any actions taken.  You will then be responsible for any fees incurred.  We will charge a transfer fee of £20.00 if we do decide that a kennel environment is better suited to your dog.

What if my dog causes damage during their stay?

If your dog causes damage you will be expected to reimburse us for any damage caused.

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept cash and bank transfer.

What is your cancellation policy and when do I pay?

Bookings for Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel will be confirmed once a 50% deposit has been received (deductible from the final cost of boarding). This is a non refundable deposit. The balance is due 48 hours before the first day of your dog’s stay.  Should you return early from your holiday, and wish to pick your dog up, there will be no refund for any remaining days.  If for any reason Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel has to cancel your booking, you will be given at least 14 days notice (except in extreme circumstances) and your deposit returned to you.

Do we accept females in season and entire males?

We are not able to accommodate un-neutered males and bitches who are, or are expected to be, in season during their stay