Our Hounds
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Racing Name: Bring Her Home

DOB: April 2000

Dam: Whin Bush

Sire: Spiral Nikita

Races: 116

Retired to our sofa: 18 November 2005

Passed over Rainbow Bridge:

10 December 2011

Rescued by Greyhounds In Need & Greyhounds 4 U, she was a petrified girl who didn't trust anyone, men in particular.  She grew in time and was the most gentle, beautiful soul. She is the reason we do what we do


Racing Name: Limited Belle

DOB: January 2006

Dam: Droopys Queenie

Sire: Droopys Maldini

Races: 50

Retired to our sofa: 16 March 2011

Passed over Rainbow Bridge:

1 December 2019

Rescued by Celia Cross and overlooked for a year as she wouldn't get off her bed for anyone.  I met her once and upon my return she heard my voice and screamed.  She came home a few days later and was my constant companion for nearly 9 years


Racing Name: Adera Wind

DOB: July 2008

Dam: Tai Chi Breeze

Sire: Royal Impact

Races: 58

Retired to our sofa: 16 March 2014

Passed over Rainbow Bridge:

23 April 2021

Rescued by Celia Cross very underweight.  Was very mistrusting of us for years but eventually let us kiss him on his head without grumbling


Racing Name: Unregistered

DOB: 29 November 2008

Dam: Glorys Star

Sire: Belville Best

Races: None

Retired to our sofa: 6 December 2014

Passed over Rainbow Bridge:

6 November 2015

Rescued by Celia Cross - an Irish girl with a very traumatic past.  Loved by us for only 9 months until she passed over rainbow bridge


Racing Name: That's The Dream

DOB: February 2012

Dam: Danis Countess

Sire: Duke Special

Races: 54

Retired to our sofa: September 2016

Passed over Rainbow Bridge:

9 April 2018

Rescued by Celia Cross, we saw him in the parade ring at the Cranleigh Fund Raiser and that was it - he came straight home with us.


Racing Name: Bignian View

DOB: 1 June 2010

Sire: Hondo Black

Dam: Rachels View

Races: 119

Retired to our sofa: 1 December 2019

Passed over Rainbow Bridge:

27 February 2020

Loved and looked after by Dunrunnin for 5 years after coming off the track.  This boy just did not tolerate other breeds so needed a special home and was overlooked....until he found us.  He left us far too soon after only 3 months.


Racing Name: Colarhouse Toby

DOB: 10 September 2011

Sire: Allmightyjack

Dam: Lisbrack Lady

Races: 23

Retired to our sofa: 14 February 2020

Rescued by Dunrunnin from a kennel in County Durham where he had been forgotten about for 5 years.  He was living in squalid conditions, underweight and in poor condition and they didn't even know his name.


Racing Name: Cillian's Rocket

DOB: 4 May 2018

Sire: Lenson Panda

Dam: Fridays Cookie

Races: None

Retired to our sofa: 19 March 2020

Rescued from the pound by Dunrunnin having been found in a high rise block of flats in Kent, starved and abused after coming over from Ireland



Racing Name: Unregistered

DOB: 1 March 2020

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Races: None

Retired to our sofa: 1 October 2020

Just a pup and was to be put to sleep.  He was rescued from Ireland by Dogs In Need and as soon as he was off the ferry he was destined to come to us.



Racing Name: Unregistered

DOB:  2019

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Races: None

Retired to our sofa: 21 February 2021

Rescued from Ireland by Dogs In Need he is believed to have been a traveller's dog.  In extremely poor condition but the most loving and affectionate boy.  He was meant to be a foster...... but we couldn't let him go