Emmi-pet Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning 


As a guest of Parklands Farm Greyhound Hotel, we are offering Emmi-pet ultrasonic dental cleaning.

It is no secret that our beloved Greyhounds are susceptible to poor oral health.  

Ultrasonic dental cleaning helps combat some of the most common dental problems, such as plaque and tartar build up, gingivitis and periodontitis (inflamed, bleeding and swollen gums), oral cavity disease and bad breath.

The way it works is that ultrasound waves are transmitted via the toothbrush to the toothpaste, creating millions of micro-bubbles that penetrate deep below the gum line and into the gaps between the teeth and gum pockets.  There is no noise, scrubbing or vibration, so even the most sensitive greyhound can cope. 

A course of treatment will consist of 3 sessions during your VIG's stay costing £65


A one off maintenance session will cost £25 

It must be noted that the ultrasonic toothbrush is a gentle and gradual method of treatment and will need several sessions in order to start seeing results. 

This procedure is not an alternative to veterinary treatment or advice. 

If your VIG is not amenable to the ultrasonic cleaning, I reserve the right to cease treatment.